Formed in 2004 primarily for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance as a corporate/contractor themed milsim and roleplay group, HCI has since continued operating on the ARMA-series of games utilizing realism mods such as WGL and ACE. It has had a long history in Crime City/Sahrani Life roleplay as well as more common ARMA military scenarios both on other groups servers and their own.HCI prefers to operate as a supporting entity in a small tight knit group, generally sticking to the private company theme and providing support or security services to other clans, groups and agencies operating within the ARMA-verse.

We currently operate an ARMA3 ACE server, with TFR and Enhanced Movement optional but highly advised. The ADR "Official Addon" is also permitted.
Applications are selectively closed. If you wish to join us, please consider getting to know some members.

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