So these past few months, TCD (Technical and communication Division) have been working hard to get a few new systems up and running for Second Life.

The first system that was to come out of closed Alpha and Beta was the new “Call Assistance” system which was developed in the lovey Sim of grenadier. The call for this HCI product to be made was from the Board of Directors. This new product will help our Second Life Region Moderation Team in their job by sending the team calls over the GridTalk Radios on the dispatch channel and on the SL Services Group.

The Second product that has been developed by TCD in the new “Canary” System. At the moment this system is under wraps. Only i can say is that the TCD have shocked a lot of people in what we have achieved.
TCD will soon be looking for Second Life Pilots for a closed beta of the “Canary”.

The Requirements to be apart of the closed beta are:

  • Very Active on Second Life
  • At least 35+ hours of flying on Second life (This does not mean flying for one day)
  • Know your way around the Blake Sea and further airports
  • Must have a professional manor to flying (Using ATC, Following Airport signs, Using the correct runway and taxiway)
  • Good at noticing bugs and problems
  • Account must be over 60 days old

If you meet these requirements IM Jon Hawke (Hawkeye.Foxtrot) in world or E-mail Hawke(at)

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