HitCorp International over the coming months will be kicking into overdrive! HCI will be openly recruiting for new members, and existing members who are interested are encouraged to inquire about Board of Directors membership!

Chief of Tech J. Hawke has done an outstanding job on the website so far and will look better as time progresses. Any FCE (Full Company Employee) wishing to obtain a HCI hosted E-mail address for official business purposes should get in contact with Hawke when they are ready to get an e-mail address made.

Another point to be made is: Multimedia! We’ll be going LIVE within the next month with Non-stop gaming opportunities and Jumpstarting our mothballed HCI Gaming Channel on YouTube!

Sergeant Adam Feasey will be heading up the Bristol, UK Airsofting Squad soon! Check back to the HCI Facebook for further details as they become available!

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